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‘I always look forward to the yellow one dropping through my letterbox!’
That’s something we never tire of hearing from our readers, because a paper that’s read is one that gets results.

The Walden Local has become a firm favourite since we first published back in 1993; and we’ve seen some major changes in that time. The growth of traffic at nearby Stansted Airport and the road and rail networks that serve it; new homes for the families of those involved with the airport and its many support industries and science parks, now familiar sights on the East Anglian landscape.



We at the Walden Local have seen changes too. Latest technology means we can offer full colour on many more pages, so clients’ adverts really come alive at little extra cost. Copy can be received and proofs sent out speedily. Pages are sent to our printers online so we can offer the latest deadlines.


The Walden Local is read weekly by over 30,000 people in Saffron Walden, Thaxted, Newport and twenty-three affluent surrounding villages - please remember that when you plan your next campaign!


The Prince of Wales addressing The Newspaper Society at Local Newspaper Week

“They are a vital part of our local communities, in helping to foster a sense of place and belonging and also in ensuring that the countless good things being done by people in their local areas do not go unreported.”

HRH The Prince of Wales